CBT for GPs: Our Approach to CBT

Our Approach to CBTCBT Australia specialises in the treatment of individuals experiencing emotional problems and enhancing the well-being and performance of those seeking life coaching.

All therapists at CBT Australia are psychologists with advanced training in cognitive behaviour therapy, and all are registered with the Psychology Board of Australia.

All CBT Australia therapists have post graduate training. The clinical psychologists in the CBT Australia team have specialist training in clinical psychology and are skilled to work with the more severe psychological problems. Their clinical expertise is endorsed by the Psychology Board of Australia.

A number of our psychologists have specialist training in educational and developmental psychology. Their expertise is also endorsed by the Psychology Board of Australia. The health psychologists in the team have specialist training to help people with the psychological aspects of physical health problems.

Additional information on all our therapists can be found on the CBT Therapy pages of this website.

The Frequently Asked Questions section contains information for patients/clients and details the variety of services CBT Australia therapists can provide together with a general overview of what to expect in a therapy session.