The Small Screen Series DVDs: CBT with Anxiety

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The Small Screen Series: DVD's - CBT with ANXIETY

Three teaching DVD's in this series:

  • Anger
  • Anxiety
  • Depression

Having the opportunity to observe expert clinicians in action is a rare experience.

This series enables you to sit with two highly skilled clinicians as they apply cognitive behaviour therapy techniques to help people in their struggles with anger, anxiety and depression.

The viewer has the opportunity to see two different, but effective styles of CBT.

The DVDs feature sessions with each of the therapists to be viewed at an introductory, advanced or master level.

Surtitles denote the aspects of the therapy process while subtitles focus on the clients' response.

The Small Screen Series is the comprehensive and essential training tool for the counselling professions.

DVDs are available singly or as a set of three.

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