CBT in Action: Applications in the Workplace

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CBT in Action: Applicatoions in the Workplace

Dr Dominic DiMattia & Theo IJzermans


Dominic DiMattia and Theo lJzermans were pioneers in taking CBT into the workplace. Both authors worked extensively in workplace training.

Amongst other workplace settings, Dr Dominic DiMattia was vice president of human resources with the Fireman restaurant group in NewYork helping the kitchen staff and front of house staff to manage their emotional reactions, to maximise the bottom line and to ensure that the chefs did not run riot with their moods and knives. Theo IJzermans on the other side of the Atlantic, in the Netherlands, was effective in his work in training workplace trainers.

The initial version of this book, Reaching Their Minds: A Trainer's Manual for Rational Effectiveness Training was published by the Albert Ellis lnstitute in 1996. The founder of REBI, Albert Ellis, enthusiastically endorsed it.

CBT in Action: Applications in the Workplace is the only book of its kind that I know of that applies CBT to the workplace setting and corporate training. lt is a novel approach. Like other books in this series it is practical and hands on. ln this new version of the book Dr DiMattia presents an innovative approach using CBT in workplace coaching, a chapter that was not in the initial book.

This book is indeed a credit to the work of Dr DiMattia and a tribute to the life and work of Theo lJzermans.

Monica O'Kelly PhD - Director CBT Australia

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