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The mission of CBT Australia is to promote excellence in cognitive behaviour therapy through the provision of therapy and professional training.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy AustraliaCognitive behaviour therapy is the term used for a school of therapies that share the underlying assumption that people are disturbed not by events in their lives but by their beliefs about those events.  It is a logical and practical approach to help people with their emotional problems;  as such it can be extremely empowering and can bring lasting relief after short term treatment.

Research shows considerable evidence that cognitive behaviour therapy provides effective relief across the lifespan for many anxiety, depressive and behavioural difficulties. Research also indicates that for some problems it is actually the treatment of choice.  In practice, the cognitive behaviour therapist helps the client identify thoughts and beliefs that lead to distress, then explores and re-evaluates those thoughts, before helping the client develop more constructive and helpful emotions and behaviour.

Most CBT Australia psychologists have postgraduate training.  A number of our psychologists have specialist training in educational and developmental psychology, and the health psychologists in the team have specialist training to help people with the psychological aspects of physical health problems.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Training Courses

CBT Australia offers nation wide CBT training courses with international and Australian trainers of the highest calibre in the field.

All CBT Australia's therapists involved in training are experienced clinicians in their own rite, adding the dimension of their rich case experience to presentations and training.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Australia places a strong emphasis on learning through doing. All CBT training courses and workshops enable participants to practice their skills, receive individual feedback and observe therapy modelled by trainers. Therapy training with CBT Australia is an active experience.


Boot Camp for Challenging Cases:  Interventions, Tools, and Strategies for Client Engagement, Anger and Antisociality


These intensive one-day workshops cover a range of clinical topics such as client engagement, managing dysregulated anger, and forensic CBT (for addressing antisocial and criminal patterns).

To be presented in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Singapore in June 2019.

Workshop 1:  Engaging challenging cases:  The essentials of motivational interviewing
Workshop 2:  Critical issues in the conceptualization and treatment of anger
Workshop 3:  A forensic CBT primer:  Interventions for antisocial and criminal behavior

The workshops can be taken as a series or can stand alone.

CBT in Action: Applications in the Workplace (Dr Dom DiMattia)

CBT in Action: Applications in the Workplace (Dr Dom DiMattia)CBT in Action: Applications in the Workplace is the only book of its kind that that applies CBT to the workplace setting and corporate training.  Like other books in this series it is practical and hands on.

The initial version of this book, Reaching Their Minds: A Trainer's Manual for Rational Effectiveness Training was published by the Albert Ellis lnstitute in 1996. The founder of REBI, Albert Ellis, enthusiastically endorsed it. In this new version of the book Dr DiMattia presents an innovative approach using CBT in workplace coaching, a chapter that was not in the initial book.

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CBT in Action: A Practitioner's Toolkit (Dr Monica O'Kelly)

CBT in Action: A Practitioners Toolkit (Dr Monica O'Kelly)Many CBT texts outline theory and report research results that support the efficacy of CBT as an effective therapy to alleviate emotional distress and modify behaviour.  Yet, readers can be left wondering how do you actually do CBT?

CBT in Action: A Practitioner's Toolkit, in contrast, is a practical, hands-on, how-to book.  The actual 'toolkit' contains therapy resources for the CBT practitioner, and includes scripts, cheat sheets, client handouts and therapy record sheets for at home tasks.

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